Staff Emails


Mrs J Price Director of student services
Mrs D Hayter Student Services Receptionist
Mrs K Seabrook Pastoral Care and Safeguarding Administrator
Miss K Keating Head of House – Marconi
Mrs K Mead Head of House – Edison
Miss K Barker Head of House – Whittle
Mrs L Brall Head of House – Babbage
Mr P Fuller Art
Mrs S Putman Art
Mrs C Tomlin Art
Ms S Oldham Business
Mr M London Computer Science
Mr T Cheung Computer Science
Mr S Ahmad Design & Technology
Mrs C Van der Watt Drama
Mr J Wride Drama
Mr M Bailey Drama
Mr A Bilton English
Miss S Burke English
Miss S Keatings English
Ms L Mulcahy English
Mr S Richards English
Miss J Silva English
Miss L Power English
Miss T O’Connor English
Mr B Small English
Ms U Beveridge Food Technology
Mr N Hart Geography
Miss R Drabkin Geography
Ms N Karaphillides Transition / English
Mr S Allen History
Mr M Calverley History
Mr R Evans History
Mr F Ortenzi Humanities
Mr G Ross Mathematics
Ms E Evans Mathematics
Mr J Deacon Mathematics
Mr H Jafari Mathematics
Mrs T Thethy Mathematics
Mr T McQueen Mathematics
Mr A Wixcey Maths
Miss T Stanbury Media & Film
Mr P Fauquemberg Modern Foreign Languages
Ms B Gatti Modern Foreign Languages
Miss E Liano Modern Foreign Languages
Miss P Sahota Modern Foreign Languages
Ms Y Zhu Modern Foreign Languages
Miss H Anderson Music
Mr B Murphy Music
Mr C Gall Music
Mr S Quinn Physical Education
Miss E Thomas Physical Education
Mrs N Williams Physical Education
Mr A Garithoti Philosophy, Beliefs and Ethics
Ms B Bean Photography
Mr M Chapman Physical Education
Miss S Higgs Physical Education
Mr J Putman Physical Education
Mr I Sudbery Physical Education
Ms L Johannes Psychology
Miss D D’Cruz Psychology
Mr M Elvin Science
Mr R Hague Science
Miss N Davidson Science
Ms S Joyce Science
Mr B Walker Science
Mrs C Turner Science
Mr S Tyrrell Science
Mr J Wright Science
Mr T McCallion Science
Miss J Ricketts Transition