Trips and Visits

The Bushey Academy firmly believes in providing educational experiences that go further than the walls of the academy. Whether it's a World Challenge expedition, a ski-ing trip or a university visit, all activities have been carefully chosen to enhance the learning experience of the academy students.

S17 Off-Site Visits Policy

Visits and adventurous activities are an essential part of a child’s development, helping them to learn about assessing and managing risk, and to gain skills in leadership and team working. They also build self-esteem and allow children to encounter a range of normal social experiences.

At The Bushey Academy, there are many opportunities for our students to take part in trips, visits and activities. The opportunities are wide and effectively cater for the individual needs and interests of all our students.  Activites range from regular, local sporting fixtures to trips overseas.  Recent destinations have included Iceland, Spain, Holland and North America.