Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Funding Allocation 2015 – 16

  • Total Number of Students on roll:  1025
  • Total number of Students eligible for PPG:  293
  • Amount of PPG received per Student:


Type of Pupil Pupil Premium per Pupil Number of eligible students
Secondary ‘Ever 6’ FSM £935 285
Service Children ‘Ever 5’ £300 8


  • Total Amount of PPG: £268,875 (For the period April 2015 to March 2016, based on January 2015 Spring Census)
Intervention Strategy Financial Cost
Provision of Transition Teachers (x2) Programme expanded by 50% from previous year £81,758
Additional teachers in key subject areas (Maths, Science, English – 3 teachers) – 50%

Small group intervention work during tutor time in Maths, Science, English

Expansion of the pastoral support provided within the House system, including Assistant Heads of House £45,000
Behaviour & Achievement mentors (x 2) £26,000
Alternative Curriculum Provision £40,000
Vulnerable students group to track attainment of PP students £10,000
External Academy Counsellor £4,500
External Positive Behaviour Coach £8,000
Independent Careers Advice for PP students at all Key Stages £2,000
Greenhouse Charity Mentoring £6,500
Life Enrichment and Prize Giving £2,000
Total Cost of Provision

Additional funds provided by the Academy




Further Information

In addition to the above, the following initiatives continue to be supported:

Financial support to students in relation to cost of curriculum based activities, educational trips, general equipment and uniform (on-going cost and varies per student).

Additional adult support to staff the Learning Resource Centre afterschool to ensure that students who do not have access to computers/internet at home have the opportunity to carry our research, have a quiet place to read or to complete homework (on-going costs).

A full range of additional revision classes offered to all KS4 students during each holiday (apart from Christmas)Pupil Premium students specifically targeted to ensure their attendance at the programme (ongoing costs).

Provision of free music lessons for GCSE students to ensure that Pupil Premium students are not discriminated against in terms of affording the tuition and the purchase of an instrument (on-going cost and varies per student/instrument).

Provision of all DT materials and other consumables needed by students so that Pupil Premium families are not disadvantaged from learning (varies per student).

Gifted and Talented trips to universities and other venues to encourage students, particularly first generation university entrants, into feeling that university is a viable option for them. Free to all students to not disadvantage Pupil Premium students (on-going costs).