Mathematics At Key Stage 3 we aim to improve the confidence of students by challenging them with topics up to the level of Grade 4, in order that they are better able to access the GCSE Edexcel Maths curriculum at Key Stage 4. We also try to inspire a love of learning Mathematics and we do so through our annual Maths Week (in February) and Statistics and Probability Week at the end of the Summer term. We cover a range of topics depending on the student ability but they all fall into the six main categories of: Statistics, Probability, Geometry and Measures, Number, Ratio and Proportion and Algebra. We teach using a range of resources, including textbooks, Power Points and worksheets.

We use the Kangaroo scheme of work, which is available online here.

We split up the Maths sets in the following ways:

Stage 5: 7A4, 7B4

Stage 6: 7B3, 7B2, 7A3, 7B3, 8A4, 8B4

Stage 7: 7A1, 7B1, 8A3, 8B3, 8A2, 8B2

Stage 8: 8A1, 8B1


Grade Descriptions


For Key Stage 4 options information, please click here.